Personal stories

"I am excited to be a part of NPC as it moves to the next stage and becomes a change agent for charitable giving in the UK."
Nigel Morris
“I care passionately about the plight of women internationally and I am keen to support groups that would not necessarily get much support and publicity. And the websites are reflections of these causes."
Mia Morris
"I believe that if you are capable - with either financial means or skills - then you have an obligation to give back to society"
Doug Miller
"In order to make a long-term difference it is relevant to recognise what the givers are getting out of their giving."
Sheetal Mehta
"I wanted to do more than support good causes myself – I wanted to help create a culture of giving in the UK.”
Renu Mehta
"At the age of 10 I had to create a wall chart for pocket money spending, including a 'give to charity'/tithing section.”
Polly McLean
"The philanthropic sector could be more dynamic and more engaged - shifting from a 'hands-off' approach to more strategic philanthropy"
Sir Peter Lampl
"we are light on paper, high on engagement"
David Gold
"Why am I working for this money? What good is it for?"
Ram Gidoomal
"Charitable giving is fundamental to a healthy society."
Nicholas Ferguson CBE
We have been putting increasing focus on where we can link our skills to our money and see how we can make a difference in a sustainable manner.
Sir Vernon Ellis
I have learnt the hard way, over many years, how to solicit funds and how to be solicited; how to give, and how to refuse.
Dame Vivien Duffield
"I realised that people who give, who go out of their way to help others, get as much as they give back in return."
Mike Dickson
"The private sector, as it is decentralised, can operate swiftly in a community, as a part of it."
Sir Ronald Cohen
“Unlike dancing, which is a bit of a selfish art, this is not all about me. Now I want to give something back,”
Darcey Bussell
While I was Prime Minister I saw the voluntary sector‘s huge power for good.
Tony Blair