Training Course for Advisors

 Deepen Client Relationships and Understand the Commercial Benefit of Embedding Values and Impact Advice into your Core Practice

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is of key importance to all types of practitioner in the private client advisory profession, and philanthropy and impact services are no exception to this. Undertaking CPD shows clients, future clients and future employers that you are committed to delivering a best in class service and developing your competencies; this has a powerful and positive effect on your business when it comes to enabling clients to make a positive impact with their wealth.

Philanthropy Impact is the leading the way in providing CPD certified and CISI endorsed training, to support professional advisors to (U)HNW private clients in developing their competency in advising on values and purpose driven wealth strategies, right across the spectrum of capital.  

Whilst this training is not yet mandatory - our CPD certification has been endorsed by important industry trade associations such as CISI, and we are delivering it in partnership with PIMFA and The Investment Association. The growing client demand, and recent changes to FCA regulations around ESG, sustainability disclosure requirements and Consumer Duty mean that demand for our training is growing.    Read about the research behind the training and testimonials from past delegates by scrolling down. 

Discover below how our CPD programme can be support you and your team to develop soft skills and knowledge needed to deepen client relationships, and embed values-led and impact advice into your core practice. 

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Changing Times: Meet the Growing Client Demand for Philanthropy and Social Investment Advice

Increased Customer Centricity – Achieving positive outcomes on Customer Support and Consumer Understanding

In House Bespoke training and change management


Listen to industry experts George King, Partner, MASECO Private Wealth, Stephanie Brobbey, Founder and Director, The Good Ancestor Movement, Pippa Garland, Partner, Charity and Social Business Partner, Russell Cooke and Lily Lewis, Founder and MD, The Procressi Initiative, in our 30min Walk in my Shoes members series episode exploring the changing client demands.

The Research Behind the Training

Philanthropy Impact’s (PI) own research continues to demonstrate a growing client demand for discussion about values and goals to be a standard part of any professional advisory practice driven by the needs of ‘next generation’ wealth holders and women of wealth. As our Director, Membership and Development Zofia Sochanik explains in her editorial for our magazine here - it is likely to be the differentiator as the 'great wealth transfer' brings with it a new type of client. 

Our most recent research with ‘Millennial’ wealth holders makes it clear that this is not a future problem firms are facing the time is now and firms need to take action. Philanthropy Impact’s research drives our membership and training service offering for firms to meet this client demand.

Millennial Wealth Holder research 2022 Key Findings

1. Wealth holders, particularly younger generations, are increasingly seeking to align their wealth with their values. They expect advisers to provide professional support in numerous, increasingly complex areas related to responsible investing and philanthropy.

2. The professional advisory industry is falling short of the expectations of emerging wealth holders. There are warnings that the ongoing wealth transfer could be accompanied by the next generation changing advisers on masse.

3. The study highlighted the reasons obstacles to advisers meeting the needs of the young wealth holders and solutions.

Other recent industry research also reinforces Philanthropy Impact’s findings that there is an immediate need for a values-based purpose-driven wealth stewardship, and that to be customer-centric it is essential for private client advisors of all disciplines. 

The Leading Edge report by Fidelity Charitable found that firms that offer charitable planning had 6X the median assets of those that do not offer charitable planning, 3X organic growth, and 1.3X new money; as well higher net promotor scores, and higher trust levels.

And it's not just millennials or 'next generation' - there is evidence that they are having a marked influence on their elders, the current wealth holders, as demonstrated in Campden Wealth's recent Investing for Global Good A Power for Good 2022  report which found that for older generations there is a growing demand for, and satisfaction in, impact investing and that investors are seeking better services from wealth advisors.

Put simply - it’s good for business, for you and for your clients so join one of our CPD Certified, CISI and PIMFA endorsed training sessions today. 

Delegate Testimonials

‘Heiko’s passion for this is infectious, I gained new perspectives on giving philanthropy advice and met others in the fieldThanks so much for your valuable input at the course. It really was hugely interesting and enjoyable - a rarity in many training courses!’

Wealth Adviser, UK Private bank

‘The description of the impact continuum and how it relates to different clients was very helpful and I have used it with clients a lot since the training’

Private Client Financial Adviser

'The course gave me and my colleagues confidence to have conversation about philanthropy and how to fit it in when talking about tax and structures’

Tax Adviser, Global Tax Advisory Firm

‘The course content has increased my knowledge and understanding of the client’s changing needs around philanthropy and social investment, and how I can serve them better.’

Private Client Adviser, UK Law Firm