Personal stories

"No child of this country shall die of heart disease because of poverty"
Bhagawan Koirala MD, FACC
My personal choice was to build on the charitable themes the family had pursued using my international network, partnerships and technology
Iraj Ispahani
It is a pretty harsh environment and it is wearing on people working in this space
Nat Sloane
“There is a great misconception that philanthropy is only about money."
Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, FRSA, FBCS
“As well as the act of donating money, philanthropy also provides one with the opportunity to use one’s business experience to take an active role in an organisation.”
David Burbidge
Cecil Jackson-Cole at the Oxfam Summer Conference, 1962. Oxfam Archive, Bodleian Libraries
I think it’s wonderful that my songs are still enjoyed, especially if it encourages people to commemorate what happened 70 years ago. It’s moving for me to relive those days, and humbling to know that people still think of me. After all, it was simply my duty to keep singing.
Dame Vera Lynn, CH, DBE, LLD, M.Mus
Our focus is on converting time and money into sustainable projects that can lift people out of poverty. But it is also about accomplishing a feeling of ownership. The contributors that are involved do not simply want to donate, they would also like to use their skills and work closely alongside our projects
Pernille Kruse Madsen
In today’s increasingly fragile socio-economic ecosystem, education is a powerful medium for enabling inclusive, transformational and sustainable change
Roshni Nadar Malhotra
“Giving philanthropically isn’t only about donating money - far from it. We can all give our time, energy and ideas to a cause in a small or large way and make a genuine difference. I feel very lucky to have been given an opportunity to share not just my financial success but my business know-how, contacts, inspiration and drive to encourage those less fortunate. It is incredibly rewarding and confirms to me every day that it is always better to give than to receive.”
Liz Earle MBE
"Using my profits to help fund what I believe in is immensely satisfying."
Dr Frederick Mulder CBE
“It’s been snowing in Arizona today .... It seems to make sense to focus on climate change.”
John Pontin OBE
“The most exciting part for me is spending time with the projects and hoping that if we continue to be successful, in five-to-ten years’ time we might be able to alter lives. You have to be in it for the long-term.”
Tarek Ben Halim
It is embarrassing that the wealthiest give only 1-3% of income. Tithing is the minimum the rich should do.”
Stanley Fink