Personal stories

"My philanthropy is still evolving, and I've not found the perfect model for my giving...but the journey is tremendously rewarding”.
Alan Hodson
“It is so rewarding to pass on our ideas of philanthropy to our family and know that they also want our foundation to go on into perpetuity.”
Lyn and Trevor Shears
“Money without experience and understanding is valueless. The power of ideas is as important as money.”
John Wates
“Watch your head v heart. You can lead by your heart, but your head must come into it too!”
Sir Ian Wood
Four of the six most deprived boroughs in Britain are in London and they are probably the most deprived in Western Europe.
Sir Trevor Chinn
I had admittedly suffered from the white man's burden of providing answers often without considering the question
Stephen Viederman
“This was a new model so we did not know what to expect. We were like Columbus – we started without knowing where we were going; we just knew we were going on a voyage.”
Ted Turner
"I never, ever, just write a cheque, I use my business and entrepreneurial skills, along with my wealth, to do the things that I'm good at."
Dame Stephanie Shirley
It’s much easier for certain sections of society to say. "You’ve brought this on yourself by your fecklessness; you sort it out," than to say "You’ve been a victim of circumstances" or "Hey, marriages break up…..but how are we going to help you help yourself?"
J.K. Rowling OBE
"Travelling was the best education I could possibly have."
Gordon Roddick
"I come from a very strong socialist background. My parents instilled in me a belief in social values and equality of opportunity"
David Robins
"I first became involved in activism rather than philanthropy, a young peoples’ Amnesty group when I was 13, and feminism and peace protests at university,”
Sigrid Rausing
"It is important to set expectations and measure performance - to make objectives clear from the outset, rather than to justify performance retrospectively."
Serge Raicher
“Our main objectives are to make our individual philanthropic dreams come true, to engage the youngest generation of the family, and to enable them to learn about philanthropy at an early stage.”
Caroline Pfohl-Ho
"Employees feel good to be part of a company that behaves positively"
Michael Oglesby
"Using my profits to help fund what I believe in is immensely satisfying."
Dr Frederick Mulder