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We are excited to have Michael Green as our guest editor. In this issue Michael considers the UK Budget 2013, looking at what the sector can learn from UK Budget 2012 and the tax relief challenge, and what we need to focus on now, particularly in light of recent US and EU activity. Cathy Pharoah presents the urgent need for better data to understand giving and to strengthen our arguments: which needs championing and funding. We also look at philanthropy in Germany and India, and our secret advisor shares how they resolved a potentially tricky problem.

Kurt Hoffman, former CEO of the Institute for Philanthropy, has been invited to author a series of four provocation pieces- Hoffman's Challenge- which form part of an action research programme. The first article argues that the sector needs to reconsider how it is funded, structured and managed. Kurt will be available on-line to discuss his article on Thursday, 14 March at 12 noon UK time. Look for the email reminders on how to become involved. Kurt's future pieces will consider: why narrative matter in philanthropy; why impact assesment tells us little about how effective charities are and whether they deserve our support; and the inherent conflicts of interest faced by philanthropy advisors- from the perspective of the beneficiary.

As always, we welcome your comments and letters, so please email them to editor@philanthropy-impact.org