Welcome from Michael Green, Guest Editor


Magazine article

I am delighted to be the Guest Editor of Philanthropy Impact Magazine because it contains one of my favourite words. No, not 'philanthropy' but 'Impact'.

My interest in philanthropy stems from a decade working in government fighting global poverty. Ther I saw the enormous potential of ambitious, hard-headed private donors to make bold and innovative interventions that public bodies often struggle to do: but only if there is a relentless effort on impact.

An impact focus means throwing off conventional wisdoms and taking risks. It means taking evidence seriously. It means thinking about scale from the outset.

These themes are all reflected in the magazine. We profile Purpose.com, an organisation that is reinventing campainging for the social media age, David Robinson challenges funders to lead a 'measured revolution' away from curing socal problems towards prevention, we look at what tax breaks can really do to promote giving, and our 'Secret Philanthropist' shares hard lessons from the field.

I don't expect you to agree with everything in here. But that's OK. We want this magazine to inform, provoke, challenge and inspire. That, to me, is what Philanthropy Impact is all about.