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A confession: I am a reality TV addict. The Apprentice, Bake Off and yes, even Love Island – I am a dedicated follower of them all. However, even I would draw the line at the recently proposed US TV show The Activist. The idea for the show was that activists would compete with each other to win support for their chosen causes. Following the tried and tested format, there would, of course, be celebrity mentors, borderline humiliating challenges and, presumably, tears. The activist that got the most funding and awareness for their cause would be crowned the winner. Thankfully, after
public outcry, the network saw sense, and the format is currently being rapidly revised. However, there is a kernel of truth to the show’s premise. In searching for a cause to support, people often want to know what will have the biggest impact. And at times it can feel like a competition between causes — all trying to convince you that supporting this cause will have the most impact. But what cause should you support to have the biggest impact? Is it ocean conservation? Mental health? Animal welfare? And what type of support will have the biggest impact? Local giving? CSR?
Public/private partnerships? The articles in this issue make convincing cases for supporting societal and environmental causes ranging from
refugee education through to dragging anchors, and many more in between. 

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