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Holdings of economic value by a foundation or charity – such as cash, stocks, bonds, buildings or other property, and accounts receivable.
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This publication is an output of a meeting held in January 2008 at VU University in Amsterdam, attended by many of the leading European academics who focus on charitable giving and philanthropy.
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This book is positioned as a riposte to Robert Putnam’s famous assertion that we are now ‘Bowling Alone’ due to the collapse of community.
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The foreword to this edited volume correctly notes that, “Analytically constructed studies of philanthropy are in short supply” and books that do appear tend to be either &
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This report contains the findings of a study into the motivations of individual supporters of the arts; both donors and recipient organizations were surveyed between November 2008 and March 2009. It notes that, despite common perceptions of major givers dominating...
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This publication is the second report on family foundation philanthropy written by Pharoah, who is co-director of the ESRC Research Centre for Giving and Philanthropy.
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This report offers a ‘snap-shot’ of the impact of the current recession on UK charitable trusts and foundations.
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We are all social animals and our thinking and behaviour can be greatly influenced by those around us. This book explains how to apply the psychology of persuasion to crafting fundraising appeals.
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A companion report to Giving in India , the primary goal of this report is to help donors who care about Indian children to understand what the funding priorities are, and to identify organ