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Globe Law and Business
Written by Peter Brock and Dr. Johannes Knorz, this article analyses the growing importance of impact investing in Europe and the German-speaking countries and the implications of the COVID-19 crisis...
Beacon Collaborative
Philanthropic capital can make a difference to the continued delivery of services and support to those who need it most in the relief and recovery phases of COVID-19 response. For...
Snowball, the multi-manager impact-focused investor, released a new report analysing the additional impact which the fund managers in its portfolio bring to the investments in their portfolios. Snowball surveyed 21...
Expert opinion
Giving better begins with acknowledging that you are in the position to give because of the broken systems that philanthropy is built on. During the past few months, I have...
Expert opinion
Now more than ever it is important for charities to protect their income through legacies left to them in wills. In their latest figures, the charity legacy consortium, Legacy Foresight,...
Expert opinion
Modern philanthropy around the globe is changing as donors look to become more involved, better informed and ensure that their charitable giving mirrors their personal values.A team of international experts...
Summary The T100 Project is a longitudinal study of investment portfolios that target 100% values or mission alignment while seeking deeper positive net impact wherever possible. Over the past four...
The Power of Nutrition
The Power of Nutrition is an innovative charity that partners with corporates, philanthropists and foundations to raise new money for maternal and child nutrition in Africa and Asia.
The Beacon Collaborative
ABOUT THIS GUIDE This weekly guide provides information on the funding options for private individuals who wish to donate funds to organisations tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. The...
Expert opinion
When I wrote at the end of March about the plight of charities and the imminent funding crisis they faced as a result of Covid-19, we were in the very...