Reference books are always useful. In this list some books have been reviewed whilst others are listed as recommended reading.

Anheier, Helmut K and David Winder
Helpful, practical advice when developing philanthropic strategies
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New Philanthropy Capital’s recently published report A life less ordinary explores the issues surrounding autism and the lives of the people it affects. The report suggests practical ways donors can help, from funding innovative research to helping children learn skills...
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Tracy Gary is an all-American motivational guru who has created her own unique niche. Instead of using her charm, patter and perfect teeth to help salesmen sell more widgets or assist managers in squeezing more productivity out of their team,...
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This book is a sequel-of-sorts to Kass’ highly successful first edited anthology of writings about philanthropy, ‘The Perfect Gift’, which gained sales outside the usual academic audience. This volume includes a selection of readings from the classics to the contemporary,...
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The author of this book is not a typical writer on philanthropy; Gunderman is a professor of paediatrics, radiology and medical education, as well as associate professor at Indiana’s Center on Philanthropy. It is therefore not surprising that his book...
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Bold letters on the cover jacket state: 'You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist ', so this book is aimed at all those who want to give effectively to a cause that is important to them...