Reference books are always useful. In this list some books have been reviewed whilst others are listed as recommended reading.

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An innovative guide to how great non-profits achieve extraordinary social impact, based on case studies of twelve high-performing charities. The authors’ central question - what makes great non-profits great? – is answered by describing six counterintuitive practices that these organisations...
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Despite record levels of charitable giving, volunteerism, and non-profit innovation, it has become increasingly more difficult over the last thirty years for poor and low-income Americans to become economically and socially self-sufficient. Philanthropy doesn't move the needle of social progress...
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This short publication aims to help create a stronger non-profit marketplace by answering two related questions: how can donors be helped to make smart philanthropic decisions?
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Although Surrey is one of the wealthiest counties in the UK, this report demonstrates that it has many pockets of deprivation, which suffer the double disadvantage of going largely unnoticed and re
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Brits and Yanks have cross-exported many things for which we owe each other, alternatively at times, profound thanks and abject apologies.