Reference books are always useful. In this list some books have been reviewed whilst others are listed as recommended reading.

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Failure to tackle truancy is costing the economy £800m each year, but one third of this could easily be saved, according to this report. Misspent Youth provides detailed calculations and sources for all data used and demonstrates the high returns...
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Emilie Goodall and Tris Lumley
New Philanthropy Capital
This report highlights a number of charities working to help those affected by child abuse, including charities that work in three areas. First, those that teach children how to identify abuse; for example, Eighteen & Under works with children, from...
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This report explores the journeys of successful social entrepreneurs, including their common features and characteristics, how these relate to organisational life-cycles, and contains recommendations for government, funders, trustees and support agencies. Specific research questions addressed include: what are the characteristics...
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Concluding nearly 19 years as president of the Surdna foundation, Edward Skloot looks back on a period of rapid change in American philanthropy, social policy, politics and civic ideals. Building on his experience as grant-seeker and foundation chief executive, Skloot...