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To give from your time can also be a type of philanthrpoy. Read this inspirational story on how volunteering can be a way of giving back.
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Results from a national online poll show that 56% of British full time workers would volunteer their skills to fight poverty in a developing country, if they had the support...
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Employee volunteering is not a new concept. Over three-quarters of large firms offer it which means 11 million days of paid time off are given each year. Staff participation is...
More Partnership
More Partnership, formerly Iain More Associates, has been providing guidance and support across the non-profit spectrum since 1991, helping organisations to realise their fundraising potential.
Denise Lillya
The Guide to UK Company Giving includes details of around 600 companies in the UK that give a combined total of £800m in cash donations to voluntary and community organisations. Also included is information on in-kind support, employee-led support and community contributions.
Book Review
This book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about who volunteers and why, and probably a bit more besides. Well, actually, it tells you everything that is known or measured about why different people volunteer, whilst also highlighting...
Baring Foundation
Since 2006 the Baring Foundation’s grants programme ‘Strengthening the Voluntary Sector’, has taken a close interest in deepening understanding of the changing nature of the independence of voluntary action. Given...