Shifting Power for Long-Term Change for Women and Girls

Shifting Power for Long-Term Change for Women and Girls

Globally, women and girls have been disproportionally affected by many of the crises humanity faces, this was made clear during the pandemic. However, what was also made clear is they are the backbone of recovery in communities.  Funders in Gender Equity (UNSDG 5) know that putting women and girls at the centre of economies will fundamentally drive better and more sustainable development outcomes for all.

Philanthropy Impact regularly discuss that women of wealth often take a different approach to their wealth strategies, they need a different kind of advice than the more traditionally used approach, and this also translates to their philanthropy and impact investing.  One of the trends that we have observed is that women look to give collaboratively. In the US, the Women's Philanthropy Institute report that giving circles - 70% of which are majority women - are rapidly increasing and that women are more likely to see impact investing as a complement to charitable giving, rather than a replacement.

Women championing women and girls

Our members, the Maverick Collective, are a community of women philanthropists making catalytic investments in health and reproductive rights for women and girls. They are a great example of the trend for women of wealth to look to giving collaboratively for impact, and they have developed a new model for giving that has been created to elevate women and girls, to shift the power back to women and girls. Founded in 2013 by Population Services International (PSI), in partnership with Melinda French Gates and Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Norway, Maverick Collective is 40+ women strong, has mobilized over $100M in resources, and has helped nearly 7M women and girls live healthier lives.

They are about to embark on a new collaborative giving initiative that is designed to unleash the power of women and girls to break down the barriers they face to sexual and reproductive healthcare. You can read more about this initiative here

We will be hosting a Walk in my Shoes on 16 May 2022, with the Maverick Collective exploring Trust in Philanthropy - look out for the invitation. 

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