T100: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants 2017

June 2017
From the 2016 “T100: Launch” report we learned the importance of impact intermediaries and their role in helping investors move their portfolios successfully into 100% impact. Specifically, we learned that:
  • Investors working with advisors are moving faster into impact than their impact peers without advisors;
  • Impact portfolios are the result of collaboration between the participating Toniic members and their intermediaries; and
  • Impact intermediaries are providing a diverse set of products and services to assist their clients’ ability to achieve and manage their 100% impact portfolios.
We also learned that there is limited publicly available information on impact firms and impact practitioners. To solve for this, 37 impact practitioners generously shared their insights.
This report:
  • Highlights different approaches, perspectives, and business models;
  • Demonstrates the growing range of innovative impact products and services;
  • Explores trends, challenges and successes faced by practitioners; and
  • Is intended to inspire asset owners and managers as they embark on their own journey into impact.

Link to the report on Toniic's website: http://www.toniic.com/t100/insights-from-impact-advisors-and-consultants...