T100 Focus Report:Foundations on the Road to 100%

June 2020


The T100 Project is a longitudinal study of investment portfolios that target 100% values or mission alignment while seeking deeper positive net impact wherever possible. Over the past four years, the project has generated a data set of impact investments in portfolios of over 75 private wealth holders. 18 of the 76 portfolios in the latest study are foundations. Despite being only 23% of the total participants, foundations in this study represent in total $1.7 billion of committed capital, which represents 60% of the total committed capital of all 76 portfolios in the study.

We know that these T100 foundations are not the norm. Given that the Global Philanthropy Report found that less than 4% of the 2,833 foundations studied indicated that they employ social investment mechanisms, the data suggests a great pool of capital to address the world’s most pressing problems is lying dormant, or even working against mission.
Within this report, we dive deeper into the data of the 18 T100 foundation portfolios and corresponding surveys to document how these foundations are deploying their capital toward deeper positive net impact across all asset classes.

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