Sustainable investing: A unique opportunity for Swiss Private Wealth Management – Ten arguments and practical tools for client advisors

March 2017
Swiss Sustainable Finance

This SSF report, accompanied by a short film on this topic, highlights the opportunity created for Swiss private banking by the combination of Swiss strengths and clients’ growing demand for investments with a positive social and environmental impact. Swiss private banking is in a state of flux. It faces growing challenges created by the higher costs of regulation, technological innovation in the fintech industry, tougher competition from other financial centres and changing customer requirements.

In this report, SSF therefore presents 10 persuasive arguments highlighting why sustainable investments present a valuable opportunity which Swiss banks have so far failed to exploit effectively.

The ten arguments, which are supported by numerous reports and quotations from clients and advisors, can be grouped into three categories:

• Improved interaction with clients through interesting investment themes they personally identify with

• The positive effects of sustainability on financial performance

• Close correlation with traditional Swiss strengths

The detailed arguments set out in the report are summarised in a short film targeted specifically at client advisors and wealth managers. The report also contains concrete tools to support advisors in fully preparing for their client discussions on sustainable investing.


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  • Social investment
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