The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice

December 2017
Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) network are releasing their report on The State of Impact Measurement and Management PracticeThe report provides a comprehensive survey of the state of impact measurement and management (IMM) in the impact investing industry. 

Key findings from 169 impact investors surveyed, include:

  • 63% of the respondents said the business value of impact data is one of the main motivations for measuring and managing their impact.
  • Impact Investors are motivated to achieve a diverse array of impact through their investments --diversity that can be seen in the type of impact they seek to achieve and the groups of people they hope to benefit.
  • Impact investors actively seek to understand and manage their impact by using a variety of tools and metrics to measure their impact and apply the metrics to different degrees of consistency across their portfolios.
  • The industry has made considerable progress in developing IMM tools, standards, and practices, yet challenges persist -- they note fragmentation is still a significant challenge.


This report is tagged under:

  • Impact measurement
  • Philanthropy stats & trends
  • Promoting philanthropy
  • Social investment
  • Strategy advice
  • Understanding philanthropy