Potential impact of Brexit on UK charities

June 2016
Charity Finance Group

Britain‟s membership of the European Union has implications for charities‟ operations. For example, charities, like other employers, are beholden to employment laws, accounting and reporting requirements, data protection legislation and tax rules that are derived from the EU.
The EU referendum presents a number of unknowns for the charity sector. This briefing provides a technical analysis of the possible financial and regulatory consequences for the charity sector in the result of a British exit (Brexit) vote in the EU referendum on the 23 June.
This briefing covers:

  • Employment law and HR
  • Pensions law
  • EU funding for charities
  • Procurement
  • VAT and tax
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Data protection
  • International Development
  • Issues for charities in devolved nations

CFG‟s corporate subscribers have also provided their expert analysis throughout.

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