Infrastructure In Focus: A Special Look at Organizations Serving Community Philanthropy

This report, produced and published by WINGS, seeks to increase understanding of community philanthropy infrastructure organizations, including areas where their practice and our knowledge about them can improve.

Community philanthropy shows great promise for strengthening communities throughout the world. The number of new philanthropy organizations taking this community-based approach -- basically one that engages multiple community constituencies and garners resources for the community's well being -- is growing. And emerging evidence exists that these organizations play a vital role in promoting sustainable development internationally, with the potential to leverage the even more sizeable financial investments made by other foundations, development aid, and governments.

This report is intended for several audiences: community philanthropy infrastructure organizations themselves, which can gain insights about their role, peers and impact in the context of the wider field; funders interested in community philanthropy and prospective supporters of infrastructure development (including foundations, development agencies and governments); consultants and academics interested in studying these infrastructure organizations as a field; and finally community philanthropy organizations that benefit from a strengthened infrastructure. We also recommend next steps for WINGS members and network participants to consider.

The report is available to view and download on the WINGS website

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  • International giving