EVPA Survey 2013/2014

January 2015

This sector report from EVPA illustrates that approaches to venture philanthropy and social investment are becoming more sophistcated and more mature, with an increase in resources available to social purpose organisations. The survey provides a comprehensive overview of the The European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment sector. 

The sector saw a 28% increase in average investment per surveyed organisation, from €6.3 million over 2012 to €8.0 million over 2013.  Alongside this development, the sector is becoming increasingly sophisticated, evidenced by an increase in organisational capacity and the widespread usage of impact measurement. Non-financial support- which increased slightly this year in terms of total spend on aggregate –  consisted of activities such as strategy consulting, coaching, mentoring, offering access to networks, financial management support, and assistance in fundraising/financial strategy or governance.

For those respondents who have undertaken exits in 2013, two-thirds either received positive returns or saw their capital repaid.

EVPA acts as the main repository of data on venture philanthropy and social investment in Europe. The 2013/2014 survey includes data from 95 venture philanthropy and social investment organisations (VPOs) based in Europe, investing both in Europe and globally. The report compares data collected from four consecutive years of surveying the sector.

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  • Impact measurement
  • Social investment