'Do Something New' guide

September 2020
Beacon Collaborative
Philanthropic capital can make a difference to the continued delivery of services and support to those who need it most in the relief and recovery phases of COVID-19 response.
For experienced funders, the increase in need accelerated by COVID-19 requires a new way of thinking, to identify and prioritise organisations that are delivering critical services. This requires a commitment to do more and to go above and beyond. Meanwhile, new funders – those joining the effort by supporting charitable organisations for the first time – are potentially giving at a time when the charity sector is at its most fragile.
For both new and experienced funders, the challenge is the same – responding to the COVID-19 recovery effort will mean giving more and in new ways. It will involve asking tough questions to make sure we maintain the charities we really need to support communities, and the needs of wider society for the long term. This guide offers some questions that donors can ask to organisations they are thinking of supporting to help frame decision making and prioritisation.
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