Changing Fortunes

May 2013
BBC World News



BBC World News has been presenting a series looking at the changing patterns of wealth across the globe. Changing Fortunes looked at the effect of the liberalisation of India, the opening up of the Chinese economy and the commodities boom leading to a growth in global wealth.

The series noted that potential donors are gaining their wealth at an earlier age. Its research found that in the East, 27.1% of UHNW are under 50, totalling 13,095 people. The vast majority, 20%, live in North Asia with South Asia and Southeast Asia hosting 3.5% and 3.3% respectively. China has 5,442 individuals (12.2%) and India 1,167 (2.4%).

It also found that 28.7% of the West’s UHNWIs are under the age of 50, totalling 33,408 people. The majority (18.6%) live in North America and 9.1% live in Europe.

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