Vitalising Purpose: the Power of the Social Enterprise Difference in Public Services

Julian Blake
July 2023








Vitalising Purpose is based on 10-years working with E3M to promote social enterprise as the optimal model for public services – driven by public value purpose, through purpose aligned collaborative partnerships and networks, including service providers, commissioners, funders, communities and other stakeholders.

The book follows:

  • The Art of the Possible in Public Procurement” (2016), of which I was co-author, which highlights the procurement rules, when properly applied, as purposive, permissive, flexible and facilitating;
  • the related specific promotion and development of Innovation Partnerships and Alliance Contracts; and
  • the E3M “Procurement to Partnership Toolkit”, for commissioners, also on the E3M website.

The book is available, as a free download, via the E3M website: and may be purchased via Amazon