Transformative Philanthropy - Giving With Trust

Ise Bosch, Justus Eisfeld, Claudia Bollwinkel- Photographs by Muholi
Ise Bosch, Justus Eisfeld, Claudia Bollwinkel
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Dreilinden gGmbH Alte Königstrasse 18, 22767 Hamburg. Bibliographical information of the German national Library: the German National Library list this publication in the German national Bibliography.
October 2018




Ise Bosch and Dreilinden gGmhH support social movements around the world that champion the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual,trans,interex and quur people.Together with Justus Eisefeld and Claudiaha Bollwinkel, Ise Bosh has written a book about an approach to giving known as transformative philanthropy. the book also features the voice of cooperation partners and funding recipients-precisely the people who have personal experience of Bosh's approach.

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