June 2008
Welcome to the summer 2008 edition of the Philanthropy UK Newsletter. We hope that the sun is shining brightly on our readers and on all the philanthropic projects with which you are involved. The theme for this issue is ‘Understanding Philanthropy’. It includes a range of articles that explore what we know, and don’t know, about philanthropy in the UK and the prospects for increasing our understanding of this essential part of social life. Welcome Philanthropic studies is an established discipline in a number of countries, notably the USA, where tens of universities offer courses on this topic. The UK’s first research centre on charitable giving and philanthropy is being launched in 2008 and we interview the co-director, Professor Jenny Harrow, to ask what this means for people giving and working in the UK philanthropy sector. We also present a review of influential philanthropic research, discuss how well research travels across the Atlantic and ask a panel of experts to...
Women & Philanthropy: inspiring women, inspired giving is the first contemporary report into women and philanthropy in the UK. It highlights, for the first time, the growing involvement and influence of women in major philanthropy today. This trend is significant for everyone with an interest in promoting a culture of giving in the UK, and we hope that this report spurs further research into this important area. Philanthropy UK special report Philanthropy UK is very grateful to our guest editor Maggie Baxter, who has been instrumental in developing this comprehensive resource, and to the philanthropists and guest contributors who so generously gave us their time and support. Susan Mackenzie Director, Philanthropy UK March 2008 Managing Editor: Susan Mackenzie Guest editor: Maggie Baxter, with support from Roxanne Clark, Ann-Sophie Morrissette and Natasha Walter Editorial Board: David Carrington (Chair), Beth Breeze, David Emerson and Sue Wixley
March 2008
Welcome to the latest issue of the Philanthropy UK Newsletter. Our first issue in 2008 highlights an important trend in charitable giving – the growing involvement and influence of women in major philanthropy. Also, for the first time, we welcome a guest editor . We are very grateful to Maggie Baxter, who has been instrumental in pulling together our special report on women and philanthropy, published alongside this issue of the Newsletter. We have benefited from Maggie’s vast experience in the voluntary sector – including as a grant-maker at City Parochial Foundation and Comic Relief, and further charity experience as Executive Director of Womankind Worldwide. Her next venture is the establishment of the new UK Women’s Fund, reported herein. We wish her every success. Our special feature this issue is the first contemporary report into women and philanthropy in the UK . Because of its size and significance, we have published this as a companion resource to this issue. Both...