Summer 2016
Welcome to the Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 12 (Special Edition) focusing on the changing role of professional advisers. “…we are on the brink of a period of fundamental and irreversible change in the way that (adviser) expertise is made available in society. Technology will be the main driver of this change.” “…we anticipate that a range of new opportunities will emerge.” ( The Future of the Professions by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind) One approach is to make adviser expertise available on a value added basis, beyond basics, by delivering additional services such as supporting individuals and families of wealth through their donor journey to make it relationship reinforcing and personal. This does not mean generating a significant cost without being able to monetise the added service. For example: “ The bank (C Hoare and Co) is in the business of building a trusted relationship with its customers,” Alexander explains, “and we believe that trying to make a business out...
Spring 2016
Welcome to the Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 11 (Part 2) focusing on the relationship between money and mission and measuring impact sponsored by the Arcus Foundation. The Arcus Foundation is pleased to be partnering with Philanthropy Impact and to be sponsoring this edition of their magazine. Achieving and measuring impact is an essential element of any philanthropy. Below we have described one example a foundation can achieve significant impact. On June 12, 2015, the US Fish & Wildlife Service publicly announced that it would reclassify the more than 700 chimpanzees being held in the country’s research labs from ‘threatened’ to ‘endangered.’ This action placed these chimps, long used as the subjects of invasive research, in the same protected category as their brethren living in the wild, increasing their level of protection and effectively retiring them from research. This policy change was the culmination of a seven-year effort by a group of NGOs—including the US Humane Society, Jane Goodall Institute, Animal...
Winter 2015-2016
Welcome to Issue 10 of the Philanthropy Impact Magazine. We are at an exciting moment in the history of philanthropy and social investment. Measuring return on philanthropic and social investment is more and more an imperative. At this time, theory and art combine. Science and logic work alongside intuition and creativity, but with a shifting emphasis towards evidence. The relationship between money and mission and the ROI in philanthropic giving and social investment is a hot topic. Philanthropy Impact members and key stakeholders debate how to measure impact as well as the different types of ROI funders are looking for from their investment. Social impact measurement is the discipline of understanding and reporting on social, environmental and other changes effected by organisations for their stakeholders. Whether you are engaging in philanthropy or social investment, understanding social impact and how it is measured is important, and the only way we can truly understand the relationship between money and mission. When we...
Autumn 2015
Welcome to Issue 9 of Philanthropy Impact Magazine. In this issue the authors have written about the challenges and opportunities of transnational giving. Some of the issues concerning philanthropists interested in transnational giving are regulations, legal issues, tax and politics and these can be worrying to philanthropists and social investors. However, giving across borders presents a significant opportunity to philanthropists, social investors and to service delivers. Read on for articles on all these topics. We hope you will enjoy issue 9.
Spring 2015
Welcome to Issue 8 of Philanthropy Impact Magazine! In this issue the contributors will explore the challenges posed by inequality, and the ability for philanthropists to be part of a global solution to eradicate poverty. Read on for articles on the nature of wealth and capitalism, grantmaker and business leader perspectives as well case studies of domestic and international initiatives. We hope you enjoy issue 8. This issue is sponsored by Buzzacott
Winter 2015
In Issue 7 of Philanthropy Impact Magazine we explore the questions and discussions surrounding philanthropy and succession planning. From the desires of Next Gen givers, time frames and establishing a family charter, through to the need for leadership and the development of purpose to a family's wealth.
Summer/Autumn 2014
The various forms of social investment and social enterprise are growing rapidly. They are contributing to the economy whilst creating jobs and helping to solve social problems. In this issue we will explore the full range of experiences of social investment, and what this might mean as the sector matures.
Spring 2014
Philanthropy Impact makes sense of and inspires of philanthropy across borders, sectors and causes. To match this mission we created an issues-based magazine covering the depth and breadth of the philanthropy spectrum. The response from you, our readers and contributors has been overwhelmingly supportive. Editors have the luxury of a ‘birds eye view’, and for this our last issue (as Editors) we have chosen to reflect on the three key areas that we believe need more consideration and debate. First, the issues facing society, both global and local, are enormous and they are not going to be resolved by independent, or ad hoc and often top-down interventions. Rather, they will only be resolved if all parties (governments and NGOs, corporates, philanthropists/philanthropies, beneficiaries and charities) work together, using the best tools available and sharing data and information. Transparency is essential. Lester M Salamon; Robert Dufton; Noah Isserman; Dr Rob John; Arnaud Mourot & Sarah Jefferson; Kimberly Manno-Reott; Bathylle Missika; Etienne Eischenberg;...
Winter 2013
This year time seems to have disappeared at warp speed as we have reached Issue 4: December 2013! Our aim has been to present our readers with a depth and breadth of articles and information on and about philanthropy that generates vigorous international debate. Since our first issue you, our readers and authors, have provided such positive feedback and we hope you this ‘bumper issue’ to your liking. This edition opens with David Gold discussing the ‘dark side’ of philanthropy. 2013 saw social investment became the ‘hot’ topic, and in this issue we feature the UK deal of the year, and Arthur Wood the role of social investment in building resilience to natural disaster. This issue also takes a deep dive into philosophical world of philanthropy. Michael Green explores the pros and cons of endowment and spend out foundations, Amy Schiller asks can billionaire philanthropists save the world?, and Russell Willis Taylor wonders if brand philanthropy is distorting the very...
Autumn 2013
If philanthropy is to grow and thrive, it needs vigorous international debate. That has been the guiding principle of ‘Philanthropy Impact Magazine’ since we launched earlier this year. We are delighted that our readers have risen to the challenge and so many of you want to be writers! This edition opens with David Gold taking on our ‘Secret Philanthropist’ again, responding to the article ‘Philanthropists should join the war on waste’ in the last edition, and Ira Lieberman makes the case for microfinance, rising to the last ‘Hoffman’s Challenge’. Richard Ross shares his joy of philanthropy and invites others to become involved. We hope that this edition similarly provokes. Our theme this month is match funding: Michael reviews the landscape, Caroline Fiennes weighs the evidence, Rob Williamson looks at the impact on community foundations and Michael Brophy has a radical proposal for future funding. Of course, match funding could be considered a form of subsidy, which raises questions regarding the...