Give and Let Give: Building a culture of philanthropy in the financial services industry (2007)

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Rob John, Rhodri Davies and Louisa Mitchell London: Policy Exchange, December 2007. 130pp. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-906097-13-4 £10

This report assesses current attitudes to philanthropy amongst high-net-worth individuals in the financial sector and argues that financial services professionals have the wealth and skills to make them leaders in the development of a national culture of philanthropy. The authors have conducted 55 interviews as well as an extensive literature review, and carried out a multi-country analysis to produce this report which contains profiles of some individual philanthropists who have not previously ‘gone public’. Recommendations include ‘opt-out’ charitable accounts as part of a standard employee package, simplification of personal Gift Aid reclaim into those charitable accounts, the establishment of a new body to provide online information about philanthropy to highly financially literate people and a new ‘gold standard’ for financial advisers that provide philanthropy advice.

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