We Make A Life By What We Give (2008)

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Richard B. Gunderman Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, June 2008. 130pp. Hardback. ISBN 978-0-253-35076-3 $24.95

The author of this book is not a typical writer on philanthropy; Gunderman is a professor of paediatrics, radiology and medical education, as well as associate professor at Indiana’s Center on Philanthropy. It is therefore not surprising that his book differs from most in the field of philanthropy in several ways. It is not a history of philanthropy, nor does it focus on fundraising or the management of philanthropic organisations. Instead, Gunderman explores the ethical core of sharing and highlights its importance both for those who give and for those who receive. The book contains 22 short essays, described by the author as “invitations to ongoing dialogue” with tantalising titles such as ‘The seven deadly sins’, ‘Materialist philanthropy and ‘Who is expendable?’.

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