The Influential Fundraiser: Using the psychology of persuasion to achieve outstanding results (2009)

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<p><strong>Author: Bernard Ross and Clare Segal<br /> San Francisco: John Wiley &amp; Sons, 2009. 295pp. Hardback. ISBN 978-0-7879-9404-4. &pound;23.99</strong></p>

We are all social animals and our thinking and behaviour can be greatly influenced by those around us. This book explains how to apply the psychology of persuasion to crafting fundraising appeals. The content is derived from different disciplines including ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’, which offers insights into the way people make choices; ‘social anthropology’, which examines body language and its impact on rapport building; 'psychology therapy’, which highlights skills and insights on empathetic matching and pacing; and other academic research that explains how to make a lasting positive impact on others.

In terms of ease of reading, this book is clear and user-friendly, if a little simple. But the book does not claim to be an academic reference book, rather a practical guide with tips, based on psychological science.

  • Understanding philanthropy