Giving in India: A guide for funders and charities

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Simon Blake, Tara Chand, Nilanjana Dutta, Adrian Fradd & Gaurav Gupta London: New Philanthropy Capital. September 2009. 61pp. Free to download

This report is the result of a partnership between NPC and Copal Partners in India, a leading provider of financial analytics, business intelligence and research services. It is the result of a year spent researching social needs and analysing dozens of charities working in Rajasthan, Delhi and across India, and is based on speaking to 150 Indian NGOs, mostly in the early childhood development and water and sanitation sectors. The report provides a practical and useful toolkit for funders looking to give in the country. It also includes a simple framework that donors can use when thinking about where to allocate their funds, and suggests the solutions needed to fix the problems associated with giving in India. The report highlights four points that a donor should consider when determining where his or her funds can create greatest impact: level of need; what works; activity by other actors; and the nature of the voluntary sector. The report elaborates these points and contains a list of questions donors might find helpful to ask on visits to Indian charities.