Women, Wealth and Giving: The virtuous legacy of the boom generation

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Margaret May Damen and Niki Nicastro McCuistion Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Jan 2010. 232pp. Hardback. ISBN 978-0-470-23064-0 £33.99.

This book is written for “boom-generation women” (those born between 1943-1964) and those who need to understand that slice of the demographic pie, such as advisors and fundraisers. In a departure from the standard formats of ‘how to’ giving textbooks and histories of women givers, this book offers the stories of women who have found fulfilment through giving and discussions on how values shape philanthropic outlooks and the nature of altruism within a consumerist society. A notable chapter deals with dispelling myths about women philanthropists, such as the extent to which husbands influence giving and the interaction between female volunteering and giving. The penultimate chapter contains practical guidance on creating a giving plan, including advice on how to evaluate potential beneficiaries and a typology of boomer women givers. In an inspiring foreword the notable philanthropist activist Tracy Gary writes, “Born into a world that did not value them, the boom generation of women has made known already its intentions and determination for a world that will work for everyone”.