Handbook on Third Sector European Policy: Multi-level processes and organized civil society

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Jeremy Kendall (ed.) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, Dec 2009. 424pp. Hardback. ISBN 978 1 84542 960 7 £117 (online discount)

This volume is the culmination of seven years of research by the Third Sector European Policy (TSEP) network. Seventeen chapters offer in-depth insights into the third sector and policy processes in a wide range of European countries, including the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, plus over-arching chapters that consider European-wide processes, the impact of decision making in Brussels and the evolving landscape within which European third sector policy is developing. The book is endorsed by a number of influential people, including Professor Pete Alcock, director of the UK’s new Third Sector Research Centre, who says, “this book will be a major resource for all those interested in the third sector policy environment in Europe. It is the product of extensive research collaboration. . . [based on] the talents and knowledge of key researchers across the EU. . . chapters explore, and explain, the developing European third sector policy landscape”.