Master Your Philanthropy: How to maximize your strategic giving

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Nicola Elkins Winnipeg, Canada: Knowledge Bureau, Sept 2009. 118pp. Softback. ISBN 978-1-897526-30-9. £14.90

Bold letters on the cover jacket state: “You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist”, so this book is aimed at all those who want to give effectively to a cause that is important to them. It has a practical ‘how to’ format, designed to guide the reader through the process of creating a strategic plan for giving. It is also aimed at financial advisors who want to support clients in their philanthropy. Each chapter includes a ‘real life’ scenario to illustrate the principles under discussion, an outline of the issues involved and a range of potential solutions plus quotes from philanthropists and gift-planning experts and a handy summary of tips to follow and traps to avoid. The nine chapters include ‘Selecting your cause’, ‘Ways to give’ and ‘Family business and philanthropy’; its brevity and easy-to-navigate format make it a good addition to a bookshelf, especially for someone at the start of their philanthropic journey. Although this book is written with a Canadian audience in mind, it has much of value for readers in the UK and other countries.