Local Pride: Individual giving to the arts in England (2009)

City University London
Arts & Business

This report contains the findings of a study into the motivations of individual supporters of the arts; both donors and recipient organizations were surveyed between November 2008 and March 2009. It notes that, despite common perceptions of major givers dominating this sector, 90% of arts donors are low- and mid-level donors (defined respectively as less than £100 or £1000 per annum). It also finds that most arts donors are enthusiastic consumers of arts organisations with ‘the overwhelming majority’ attending at least three events staged by the organisations they support each year. The double engagement of supporters as donors and core audience members is a distinctive feature of this type of donor, it says. Other findings about arts donors include their recession-resistance; 72% of respondents did not feel their ability to give would be affected by the current economic climate. The report concludes that there is great potential to expand the market of arts donors – if everyone who attends arts events three times a year gave at least £10 annually, an extra £360m of funding could be generated.

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