Stewardship releases guides to changes in Gift Aid

Stewardship releases guides to changes in Gift Aid

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Stewardship, the UK charity that promotes generous and tax efficient giving to churches and charities , this month published four papers that explain changes in the way that Gift Aid operates and offer guidance on Gift Aid on Small Donations.

New HMRC guidance on Gift Aid declarations, active from January 1st 2013, focuses on ‘sufficient tax’ for Gift Aid purposes, stressing that only income and capital gains taxes count are relevant. It also stresses that, to sign a Gift Aid declaration, the amount of tax paid by the giver must cover all Gift Aid donations made in the same year to other charities.

Stewardship also explains Charities Online, which will enable charities to submit Gift Aid repayment claims electronically from April 2013.

In a technical paper and a practical guide for churches and charities, Stewardship also explain the new scheme that will enable them to make a Gift Aid like reclaim on eligible cash donations from April 2013.

Stewardship are members of Philanthropy Impact, more information is available on their website.

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