Should we launch a 1% City Bonus pledge?

Should we launch a 1% City Bonus pledge?

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Can and should the City’s bonus pot become a force for good? In an age of austerity, escalating need and growing inequality, should the citizens of the Square Mile and Canary Wharf donate more of the proceeds of their success for public benefit, or should we leave that to tax? What is the City’s obligation and potential to make a personal social impact?

City Philanthropy, which aims to encourage and celebrate a culture of philanthropy in the City, invites you to share your views on a proposal to launch a 1% City Bonus pledge at a select think tank on June 28th. The aim of the think tank is to gauge whether there is an appetite to launch a 1% City Bonus Pledge and, if so, what form it might take.  

As the The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of London, Alderman the Lord Mountevans, says: “Philanthropy couldn’t be more important to London – past, present and future. As Lord Mayor of London, I am aware that philanthropy is the reason that our Square Mile – pre-eminent global financial centre – exists as we know it. From schools to sanitation, and from hospitals to housing for vulnerable people – many of my forebears as Lord Mayor, and other heads of business across the centuries, made priceless investments in our community through targeted funding and endowments; some of which continue to reap dividends for public good and charitable causes today. 

“We want London to remain at the forefront of philanthropic giving and innovation – for the benefit of generations to come.” 

To RSVP and for more information regarding the Bonus Pledge please contact Rosie Mitchell-Hudson or call 020 7255 4483

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