Philanthropy Impact Magazine Special Edition

Philanthropy Impact Magazine Special Edition

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Social Enterprise and Social Investment: Characteristics, Applications, Issues and Challenges

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a special edition of Philanthropy Impact Magazine, due for publication in September 2014. With a focus on social investment, the edition will contain more than 30 articles covering the topic in depth from a vast number of perspectives:

  • Social Enterprise and Social Investment: An Overview
  • The Most Difficult Social Enterprise of All
  • Is it possible to do well and do good?
  • Social Investment – White Hope or Red Herring?    
  • Social investment; A tool in the philanthropists toolkit
  • Impact philanthropy’ comes into its own
  • Bat Bill or Super Gates: what Kind of Philanthropist Are You?
  • The Future is Innovation: Integrating Social Investment into Our Campaign
  • Investing In Our Communities
  • Innovation in Service Creation and Development and in Fundraising
  • The Quid Pro Quo between Business and Society
  • Social investing in Asia: what has worked?
  • Impact Investing: Triodos Experience, Challenges and Trends
  • Increasing Interest in Impact-Oriented Investment
  • Working for Third Sector-led Social Investment and the Common Good
  • The Social Stock Exchange: an example of an impact authentication process
  • Taking Advantage of Social Investment Tax Relief
  • Good Intentions Are Not Enough: Evaluation is Essential
  • Encouraging and Evaluating Young Philanthropy


Keep checking our website as we release preview articles throughout the summer and early September.

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