Philanthropy Impact Appoints Grant Gordon as Chairman

Philanthropy Impact Appoints Grant Gordon as Chairman

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Following an extensive review and search exercise, led by the Nominations Committee, the Board of  Philanthropy Impact are pleased to announce Grant Gordon was nominated and has been  appointed to the position of Chairman of Philanthropy Impact at the meeting on Monday, 16 September 2013. 


Philanthropy Impact was launched in December 2012 following the incorporation of the three entities; the European Association for Philanthropy & Giving (EAPG), Philanthropy UK and the Philanthropy Advisors Forum. It aims to inspire and make sense of Philanthropy across borders, sectors and causes within the UK and beyond.


The creation of Philanthropy Impact and its transition was led by Simon Weil, Chair of Philanthropy Impact and previously Chair of EAPG. Simon is a leading advocate for philanthropy and its development within the UK and will remain as an Ambassador for Philanthropy Impact.


“I am delighted to be passing the leadership of the organisation onto Grant Gordon who, as a philanthropist and social entrepreneur, also brings extensive experience of developing a membership organisation as he was co-founder and, until recently, Director General of the Institute for Family Business”, said Simon Weil, Partner Bircham Dyson Bell LLP.  “It has been a pleasure to work with the Board and Sue Daniels, Executive Director, in transforming EAPG and creating Philanthropy Impact.”


“I am passionate about Philanthropy and the role advisors will play in developing philanthropy in the 21st Century.  I look forward to working closely with Board and Sue on the next phase of Philanthropy Impact’s development” , said Grant Gordon.


Grant’s philanthropic interests cover a wide range of issues including: rural community regeneration in the Scottish Highlands; helping to alleviate child poverty in London; and developing a greater understanding of the contribution of family business. He also works in his own family business, Wm. Grant & Sons’, charity group focusing on creating more opportunities for disadvantaged people in Scotland.


“Over the past three and half years it has been an enormous privilege and pleasure to work with Simon and I look forward to working with Grant and the Board on the next phase of Philanthropy Impact’s development”,  said Sue Daniels, Executive Director, Philanthropy Impact. 

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