Paul Newman’s legacy

Paul Newman’s legacy

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Paul Newman, who died on 26th September, was an era-defining figure in twentieth-century Hollywood cinema. His philanthropic legacy may last even longer.

Newman used his celebrity and success to help others, through his philanthropic work. In 1982 he set up Newman’s Own, a company which gives away its profits from selling salad dressing and other products to those in need. The company has grown significantly and has already given away over $250m (£140m) to charity.

This year the company will donate around $26m (£14.6m) for 15,000 children with cancer to go to holiday camps around the world. Newman’s Own will continue donate its profits in future.

Newman also founded the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, named after the gang in the film Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, in 1988, as a residential summer camp for seriously ill children.

Newman’s desire to leverage support for philanthropy through innovative means is not something that will die with him. The Newman’s Own slogan, “shameless exploitation in pursuit of the common good”, resonates with many venture philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and other innovators in philanthropy.

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