New Zealand builds a culture of giving

New Zealand builds a culture of giving

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Over 60% of New Zealanders donate money or goods, and over 33% volunteer, according to a new report.

Commissioned by the Office for the Community Voluntary Sector, the report, How do New Zealanders Give?, also states that almost 80% of people who volunteer have also donated money or goods to charity, and that over a third (33.6%) give in a planned way.  This compares to 29% who use planned giving in the UK, according to NCVO

Robyn Scott, Executive Director of Philanthropy New Zealand said the report was a sign that “giving is really coming into its own”.  She highlighted the importance of new tax incentives in encouraging a culture of giving: “The removal of the upper limit of the tax rebate that can be claimed when giving to a charity will assist people to give in a more planned, long-term way. Also, pre-tax payroll giving, planned for 2009, will also assist those wishing to make a regular longer-term commitment to a charity.”

This report will inform the Promoting Generosity project. One of its main aims is to establish giving as a norm by encouraging individuals and businesses to become involved in their local communities through philanthropy. A major part of this effort will be inspiring giving among younger people in society.

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