New online donor marketplace to launch in UK

New online donor marketplace to launch in UK

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GlobalGiving, the US-based online marketplace that connects donors to charitable projects around the globe, will launch in the UK in spring 2008.

The latest in a number of new online offerings for donors, GlobalGiving UK will be similar to the US website but tailored to UK givers.  The site will offer “carefully vetted” grassroots projects across a range of causes and countries, and is suitable for donors of all levels.  Project gift levels start at under £25 and range to over £10,000.  The organisation is currently working with a number of UK-based charities to add to the 550 projects already on the US site.  All projects will be available both in the UK and the US, and UK givers will be able to Gift Aid their donations to UK-based charities.  Donors can search for projects by cause and geography. 

Sharath Jeevan, Chief Executive of GlobalGiving UK, who previously was head of eBay for Charity, said that the website aims to ”empower donors with control and choice”.  Charities also post progress reports every 3-4 months, so that givers can see the results of their donation.  “Our goal is to raise £5.6m for charity and to positively impact 700,000 lives in the developing world by 2010,” said Jeevan. “We also hope to play a broader educational role in increasing public awareness of international development issues.” 

GlobalGiving UK is currently seeking foundation and corporate partners to support set up costs.  Booz Allen Hamilton Europe is providing office space and other infrastructure support.  US partners include Google, Ford Motor Company and Whole Foods Market. 

Jeevan believes that the UK organisation can become self-sustaining within two years.  It has a strong value proposition to offer potential funding partners: “Every £1 donated to GlobalGiving generates £20 in ongoing donations for worthwhile projects around the world,” said Jeevan. 

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