Mega-giving in the US favours higher education

Mega-giving in the US favours higher education

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Higher education, health, and cultural arts organisations receive the bulk of the largest gifts that individuals, foundations, and corporations contribute to American philanthropy, according to a new study.

Released by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research (IJCR), the report, ‘Mega-Gifts in American Philanthropy: Giving Patterns 2001-2003’, highlights that higher education received nearly half of the donations from gifts of $10m or more.

Gary A. Tobin and Aryeh K. Weinberg, the study's authors, analysed over 8 000 gifts of $1m or more made between 2001-2003, the largest sample ever collected of gifts over $1m.
According to Tobin, president of ICJR, the mega-gifts were concentrated in a few types of organisations, with religious organisations, human services for the needy attracted the least. “Colleges and universities are the biggest winners," he said.

Included in the findings:

  • Higher education is by far the largest recipient of mega-gifts, taking in 37% of gifts and 44% of dollars
  • For gifts of $10m or more, higher education receives an even bigger share  with 46% of gifts and 47% of dollars
  • Health and medical causes received 14% of gifts of $10m or more, up from 11% in 1995-2000, and 19% of dollars, up from 14% in 1995-2000
  • Religion and federated appeals received the lowest proportion of gifts, 3% each, and dollars, 2% each. Of the 110 largest gifts, none went to religion or federated appeals
  • About 55% of dollars came from private foundations, 28% from individuals, 8% from corporations, and the remainder from community foundations, donor advised funds, anonymous gifts and miscellaneous sources

IJCR's mega-gift research is ongoing and reports will be issued every two years.  To read the full-report click here.

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