#matteroftrust: NPC continues research into public trust of charities

#matteroftrust: NPC continues research into public trust of charities

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Throughout 2014, NPC has been sharing research into public perception of the charity sector. Through numerous surveys, NPC has highlighted the gaps in perception between different population groups and a correlation with political views. Findings are varied but suggest that charities are no longer the immune from public scrutiny, as may have been in the past. The series of research can be followed online under the #matteroftrust hashtag and will prove to be food for thought in advance of the general election.

The research highlights huge variety in the level of awareness and understanding of charities, with some groups being identifiably more hostile than others.  The real challenge will  be how charities and those in the philanthropy sector can leverage the results of this research to address some public concerns and clarify the messages coming from non-profit organisations. 


To learn more about this series of reports, see:

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