Hedging on sustainable investments

Hedging on sustainable investments

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Stanley Fink and Rufus Warner have announced the formation of a new fund manager that will focus on sustainable investments, called Earth Capital Partners LLP (ECP).

The business aims to raise $5bn (£3.4bn) within the next five years to support a series of venture capital-style funds. Its first three funds will invest in solar power and waste-to-energy; agriculture in the southern hemisphere; and new technologies.

Target investors include wealthy indivdiuals, institutions, foundations and sovereign wealth funds.

Fink,Chairman of ECP, said, “Our objective will be to deliver attractive returns by investing in projects, companies and financial instruments, which address sustainable development challenges, such as climate change, water scarcity and energy security.”

A profile of Stanley Fink is featured in the forthcoming third edition of Philanthropy UK’s A Guide to Giving.

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