EVPA Conference to discuss impact and leadership

EVPA Conference to discuss impact and leadership

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Philanthropists, foundation managers and leadership experts from around the world will gather at the ninth European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) Annual Conference 26-27 November 2013 in Geneva to discuss how to increase their impact on society.

Themes at the conference include responsible leadership, venture philanthropy and social investment. Delegates will hear from philanthropist and vice president of WWF International, André Hoffman and Hedda Pahlson-Moller, a full-time business angel focused on impact investing at the seed capital stage.

Other speakers include Kristian Parker, chair of his family’s Oak Foundation, who directs the foundation’s environmental grants, focusing on climate change and collapsing fishing stocks.

Chilean social entrepreneur, Rodrigo Jordan Fuchs, the author of Leadership: from Theory to Practice, a Himalayan mountain guide and former host of “Leadership in Person,” a TV show interviewing Chile’s most important leaders will give his advice on leadership in philanthropy. 

Antony Ross, partner and head of social sector funds at Bridges Ventures will discuss using an impact-driven investment approach to create superior returns for investors and society. The firm manages nearly £300m of assets across three types of funds: sustainable growth, property and social sector funds.

The conference will feature workshops on the different tools of venture philanthropy, such as impact measurement and non-financial support where experts in the field will discuss a range of case studies to learn from best practice. Another set of workshops will discuss how to grow the venture philanthropy and social investment sector from within – for example by developing the pipeline – and from without, by attracting different players to the sector. 

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