Discussion Paper: Why give away your wealth?

Discussion Paper: Why give away your wealth?

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The University of Southampton has released a discussion paper analysing the opinions of UNHW philanthropists signed up to The Giving Pledge. The authors Jana Sadeh, Mirco Tonin and Michael Vlassopoulos bring a more academic analysis to existing personal stories about the charitable giving of UNHW individuals. It provides an interesting insight into the behaviour of notable philanthropists and concludes with some suggestions for effective fundraising.

The paper notes that well known philanthropists and entrepreneurs serve as role models for future generations. Though the number of individuals is relatively small, they still provide billions of dollars to causes around the world and are key comoponents in the promotion of charitable causes.  

By analysing the trends evident in the Giving Pledge, the authors provide some light on motivators for philanthropists (legacy, family, joy of giving and creating an impact) plus the personal characteristics of those who are highly effective in their charitable giving. There is also a commentary of use to fundraisers looking to approach self-made UNHW individuals.

The paper appears in the context of wider microeconomic economic research amongst the authors.

Download the discussion paper in full here 


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