Digital giving expands: Google’s US philanthropy app

Digital giving expands: Google’s US philanthropy app

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Google’s App, One Today is now available to all Android users in the United States. When it originally launched in April, it was only available by invitation. Now it can be downloaded for free. Users can donate a dollar or more per day to a changing list of not for profit organisations. Each day a new project is highlighted, encouraging people to donate at least a dollar.

Donors can keep a log of their charitable giving within the Google App, which is useful for tax returns. They can also publicise their donations on Google+. Payments require a Google Wallet account.

An example of a featured charity is Unicef. The advert says:

Save 1,000 children from pneumonia.

“Vaccinating one child saves a life. Vaccinating every child stops disease in its tracks. UNICEF buys 2 billion vaccines every year, and the more we buy, the less they cost. With our global presence and know-how, we are uniquely positioned to manage vaccine logistics, implement cost-effective immunization programs, and reach every last child.”

It says $4 buys one course of antibiotics for a child with pneumonia.

It is hoped the App will go global shortly. 

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