Call for articles - Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 30 (Spring Edition 2024)

Call for articles - Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 30 (Spring Edition 2024)

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An invitation to write an article for the next

Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 30 (Spring Edition 2024):

Working Theme

Philanthropy and Impact Investing Internationally

Models, trends, and challenges across the spectrum of capital

This issue will investigate the various forms of philanthropy and impact investment internationally and their impact on society; reflecting the important role private capital addressing social and environmental issue. We aim to discuss how philanthropy and impact investing can provide resources for those in need while supporting social causes and addressing systemic issues such as poverty and inequality. Additionally, we will explore the rise of impact investing in Europe, as investors increasingly prioritise social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

Furthermore, this issue aims to examine the potential for new models of social impact, including emerging trends like social entrepreneurship and innovative financing mechanisms. We will also scrutinize the role of technology and collaboration in driving social impact, along with the ethical implications of social impact initiatives. This issue endeavours to provide a comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of philanthropy and impact investing internationally while highlighting the challenges and opportunities that come with creating a better world for everyone.

By 29 February 2024, please email John Pepin at with your suggested topic before writing the article. The ideal article length is around 1,000 words. The deadline to submit an article is 22 March 2024.  For examples of past magazines go to


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