Call for articles - Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 25

Call for articles - Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 25

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Call for Articles

An invitation to write an article for the next Philanthropy Impact Magazine

Issue 25 (Spring 2021)

Working title
SDGs – Financing the Future
Sustainable Investing From ESG Integration to Impact Investing
Living one’s Values, Ambitions and Goals
Articles should address the theme from the author’s perspective, or an author may propose an alternative topic within the theme for this edition. It is important to hear from professional advisors as well as philanthropists, social/impact investors, trusts and foundations, and other key stakeholders.
When published, the magazine has an initial exposure to our contact list composed of professional advisors to (U) HNWI (private client advisors, wealth management, private banking, independent financial advice, tax and legal sectors), philanthropists and social investors, intermediaries, trusts and foundations, and charities.
By 26 February 2021 please email John Pepin at with your suggested topic prior to writing the article. The ideal article length is around 1,000 words. The deadline to submit an article is 12 March 2021.


In this issue of the Philanthropy Impact Magazine we will look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and their role in creating positive impact and transformative change. With the shift of focus for many (U)HNWI towards driving positive environmental and societal change around the world through their wealth generation and business practice, SDG’s are  important for measuring impact and enabling collaboration across sectors in addressing the greatest challenges the world faces.
▪ How have you applied SDGs in your organisation or in your philanthropy and social impact
▪ What role does responsible investment play and how can it be measured?
▪ What is sustainability and why is it important?
▪ How does it fit with suitability issues?
▪ What key guidance would you give to decision-makers, philanthropists and social impact
   investors in achieving the SDG’s?
▪ Can these investments generate financial and societal/environmental returns? What are the
  really important issues to consider when you are aligning your investments and
▪ What has been your journey to impact investing and to achieving SDGs?
▪ What are the issues related to measuring impact?
▪ Should professional advisors support clients in their donor and social impact journey?
▪ How can philanthropy using SDGs as a guide become an engine of social change?
▪ Where does sustainable investing fit in the investment return continuum from philanthropy
  to social and impact investing? How important is achieving a financial return?
▪ How can sustainable investing create solutions for the greatest challenges the world is
  facing, whilst also creating a financial return. Is it possible to find competitive a balance?-
  How useful is social finance as a tool for social change?
▪ What more can be done to harness the investment opportunities available?
▪ What role can social/impact investing play in building a sustainable future?
▪ What are the potential challenges for charities and social enterprises seeking to provide
  effective monitoring and evaluation of their impact? Is there room to develop common
  standards, principles and evaluation tools?
▪ How can charities and NGOs adapt to utilise this new kind of funding for impact – should
  they adapt?
▪ Is it possible for a business to achieve meaningful growth, maximise profitability, drive
  innovation, and at the same time, address some of the most important societal challenges
  facing communities?
▪ What are the trends towards responsible investment?
▪ Advising families - how to create change and match values to the SDG’s for impact?
▪ How have you used blended finance to achieve your goals and have the SDG’s help shape
  that journey?

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